Bar manager’s workshop

Managers! There are no schools that teach you how to run a bar! My Workshop is the quickest way to become knowledgeable and respected – simply by attending, listening and learning!

Owners! I have an inventory control system that puts thousands of additional dollars in your pocket – almost overnight! I can save you thousands of dollars by not making the same operational mistakes I have made over the years!

If you want to survive – and thrive – in the Bar Business, you need to:

  • Improve Inventory Control

  • Control all Costs

  • Boost Sales

  • Increase Gross Profit

Let me show you how…

1)    The personnel function for bars (hiring, firing, scheduling, testing, job descriptions, etc)

2)    How to avoid getting sued (checking ID, serving minors and numerous other liability possibilities, i.e. – the law)

3)    What are the most important daily management functions in running a bar

4)    Detecting bartender theft and 51 ways to prevent it

5)    50 ways to better control costs (including the correct ordering and receiving procedures)

6)    Setting up an inventory control system that accounts for every ounce of liquor, bottle beer, draft beer

7)    How to increase sales

8)    How to become an effective leader

9)    The Basics of Bartending (training in proper etiquette, service technique, handling fruit correctly, proper glassware, cyclical motion,  etc.).







Five reasons to attend this seminar:

1. There are too many technical skills required to run a bar today.

There are no schools to teach you to run a bar successfully – but you don’t have to learn by the seat of your pants, the HARD way. There’s too much at stake. You have to know what you are doing. There’s money and job security on the line, for you and other people.

2. Bartenders run many bars today.

Many owners and managers do what the bartender suggests. This needs to change back to the managers and owners dictating to the bartenders the policies and procedures for running a bar.

3. Prevent mistakes and ignorance.

If you are a new owner or manager with little or no experience, you’re going to lose tens of thousands of dollars due to mistakes and “not knowing”. This seminar prevents this from happening.

4. Theft is rampant in the bar business.

Approximately 70% of the theft that occurs is caused by the owners and managers of bars who turn honest employees into thieves because they don’t know how to hold a bartender accountable for the cash receipts and inventory.

5. Liability in the bar business is a serious problem.

It’s too easy to be sued in the bar business today, whether from a customer or a former disgruntled employee. You need to know the laws related to the bar business. Learn most of them at this seminar.


Do yourself – and your business – a favor, and sign-up today!
This will be by far the best investment you’ll make in your business.


Your instructor:

Ever heard of Bob Johnson?  If you’re in the bar and restaurant industry in any capacity, his name and legacy ( a 51 year veteran of the nightclub/bar business) should ring a bell!

Bob Johnson is a nationally-recognized nightclub/bar consultant who specializes in multi-unit management of nightclubs/bars and bartending. He is a 51-year veteran of the bar business and is best known for his publication, “The Encyclopedia of Shooters”, which launched the shooter revolution world wide, and for creating America’s first certification program for bar managers, CBM (Certified Bar Manager).  He is a former Professor of Bar Management at Florida International University and is presently a featured columnist for Bar Business Magazine.  He is a featured speaker at numerous beverage related expos and trade shows. Bob recently created a “School of Bartending for Veterans” which trains recently discharged and unemployed Veterans to become a bartender (a 1 week course – free of charge for Veterans).  Contact Bob Johnson at or by phone at 800-447-4384.


The workshop nitty gritty:

  • Bob will come to you!
  • 5-hour program (1 PM – 6 PM). Lunch not included.
  • The cost for this workshop is $179 per person. Discount offered when several teammates register.
  • 276-page textbook and numerous handouts and forms provided – free of charge!
  • Certificate of Completion is awarded at the end of the class, from the Beverage Management Institute.

Register on-line

You can also call (800) 447-4384 or fax your registration at (803) 593-5459
Mail your check to: Beverage Management Services, P.O. Box 1050, Clearwater, SC 29822.
Print and fill-out our registration form for easy mailing or faxing.


The end result of this workshop is simple – money and respect!

Don’t let this chance pass you by – call Bob today!