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Security Log Books and Daily Operations Bartender Log Books for the Hospitality Industry

Why Log Books?

A recent lawsuit in Michigan required a bar owner and his staff to give depositions surrounding a bar fight that had occurred months previous. The owner reluctantly admitted that no notes were taken about the fight because there were no injuries and the two combatants were ejected with no further incident. In trying to recreate what had happened, the bartender involved could not remember anything about the situation. The senior waitress claimed that she did not think she even worked that evening.
The owner’s staff was finally able to piece together the event and present a defense, but the entire process of recalling the events and contacting former staff members was a grueling exercise for the owner and the attorney.

Security Log Book


Most business owners feel that preparing reports is too time consuming and that no one wants to relive bad situations. A written report and/or entries in a Security Log Book and maybe a half hour of work after an incident will save a great deal of time if a claim is filed. Names, addresses and phone numbers of all persons involved in the incident need to be documented. These entries in the Security Log Book will save aggravation, time and energy for the licensee, the insurance company and the lawyer. It gives the lawyers representing the licensee a starting place for the investigation into the merits of the claim.
Each book contains 95 pages (3 months supply). Minimum order 4 books (1 year supply). $116 + $8 S/H.

A well-maintained Security Log Book is the first step in defending a business against lawsuits. It documents incidents that may not require a defense or an explanation later. It can back up an Incident Report in more detail. Information about how to contact everyone involved can be crucial to an investigation.

Every responsible hospitality industry run business needs to have management/security maintain a Security Log Book – a daily record of potentially litigious events that could possibly cause a lawsuit and put you out of business. Each page contains categories or headings of potential problem areas and numerous questions related to each heading that must be answered. This is a day-to-day diary of Security issues using a structured form.

The Bartender Log Book exists because management must know that the bar is properly stocked and under control at all times. It holds the bartender accountable to a higher level of performance.

View a sample page of the Security Log Book

The Bartender Log Book is divided into “blocks” or different categories that must be filled in each day by both day and night bartender. Documentation includes the Beginning Bank and Ending Count for 2 shifts, a checklist of bar accessories, things you are out of, things that need repair, the daily Lunch/Dinner special with manager’s description of exactly how it’s to be explained to a customer, weekly cleaning assignments, daily Paid Outs and more.
Each book contains 120 pages (a 4 month supply). Minimum order 3 books (1 set) – $75.00 + $8 S/H.
Daily bar Log Book


View a sample page of the Bar Log Book

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