School of Bartending for Veterans

If you are interested in participating in our program, please fill out and fax us this application.


I am Bob Johnson, owner and sole proprietor of Beverage Management Services in North Augusta, SC.  BMS serves the nightclub/bar industry with consulting, education and training of bartenders and bar managers, installation and monitoring of inventory control systems, speaking engagements, management books and  beverage management/bartender articles for 5 major beverage alcohol magazines.


For the past 11 years I have been conducting bartender training programs for various nightclubs/bars throughout the country.  I call it “Mobile Bartending School – I come to you!”  I go to the city or location of a club that needs bartender basic training.  The school is held at the client’s club (before opening hours).   It’s a one week course that teaches the basic skills of being a professional bartender and enables the person to go to work immediately after completing the class.

The course consists of three hours of class for five consecutive days, three hours of homework each day, tests each day and a Final Test that can result in a Certificate of Completion (must score 85 or better).  I have successfully trained over 360 bartenders in this program the past several years.


I am available one week a month to train 8 – 10 Veterans who do not have a specific skill and cannot find a job.  I bring all the equipment necessary to conduct the training.  I bring the bottles (we use colored water – there is absolutely no liquor brought into the club), pour spouts, stir stiks, straws, napkins, fruit (oranges, limes, lemons, cherries, olives), glasses (hi-ball, rocks, Collins, “up”,  shot), metal jiggers, ice scoops, large shaker cans, small shaker cans, drink making mats, garbage can and numerous smaller items that contribute to the course.  We do not use any materials from the club we are training in.

I need the following from the club:

a)      a horizontal bar that has 2 drink making stations facing the front.

b)     8 – 10 bar stools

c)      ample ice for making drinks for 2 + hours.

d)    School hours are 12-3 PM, Mon – Fri.  The Club cannot be open to the public during this time.


I will travel to any city in the continental United States of America that  has 8-10 Veterans that want to participate in this program.  I bring my own overnight accommodations and pay for the gas (motor home).


There is absolutely NO COST for any qualified Veteran to take this course.  I offer this program FREE OF CHARGE!  I gladly volunteer my time and my bartender training program!  Any American Legion, VFW, Warrior Project, Wounded Veterans, etc., can call me and say, “We’ve got 8 – 10 Veterans ready to go and we have the facility to train in”.


Former President George Bush, in a recent speech, said it eloquently and correctly.  He asked for the 99% group in this country to do something for the returning Veteran!  “Help them get work!”  Teach them a trade so they can get a job!”

Our returning Veterans need the help of the 99% of Americans who have profited from their sacrifices.  We have all enjoyed watching ball games at sports bars, partying with our friends, going shopping at the mall, eating out any time we felt like it, going to school to get an education, raising a family, etc., etc.  All of this, and more, has been possible because of the sacrifices of our 1%!  It’s because of them we have been FREE for so long!

Shouldn’t all of us in the 99% give back a little for the returning Veteran?  Can you take the time to teach them a trade?  Are you retired and have nothing to do – and you possess skills that could help a Veteran have a better life?  Will you help them find a job?  Will you do something to help them get back into this  great FREE society they so honorably defend – and have defended for decades?  Aren’t you successful because of their sacrifices?  Haven’t you had a great life because of their sacrifices?  You’ve been FREE for a long time, right?

I don’t ever want a Veteran to experience again what I experienced while serving in the Navy.   Before going to Vietnam, I volunteered to be part of the “human wall” at the Pentagon.  We were 10 deep, completely surrounding the circumference of the Pentagon, waiting for the surge of protestors (a million of them) to charge up to us and maybe “break” our ranks and get into the building.  They never got past the first row.  I was in the second row and remember, to this day, the prophylactic filled with urine that splashed across my face – thrown by one of those demonstrators, one of those “99 percenters”!  And the spitting, the cursing – all because of our involvement in a war we never asked for.  We continually asked, “What did we, the military person, do wrong?”

I am asking every nightclub/bar in America to, one day, want to hire a “Bar Vet”.  I am asking every American Legion and VFW in America to coordinate this program and get the word out to Veterans about the possibility of  attending a Bar Vets of America©  bartender school.  I am asking every bartender school in the nation to “give up” 2 spaces per month for a Veteran to learn bartending and enter the industry.

Our beloved Veterans need help “getting back in”.  They need training.  They need one of us to approach them, extend a hand, and ask, “What can I do for you?  How can I help give back what you have given us for so long – “freedom, a life, and a chance?”

“Thank you for your service to our country” is not enough!

You in the 99%!  Now it’s your turn!  Give back!

God Bless America!

Bob Johnson,  Director, School of Bartending for Veterans ©

800-447-4384 / FAX 803-593-5459

P.S.  Special thanks to the Augusta Warrior Project, who opened my eyes to the seriousness of why we must do more for our Veterans.  The majority of people in America, the 99%, have failed our Veterans!  But the Veteran has never failed us!

If you are interested in participating in our program, please fill out and fax us this application.